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"The paella was a hit and everyone loved it! It was such a great change from what we usually do"
- Megan (Paella Lunch for 100 guests)
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"The Paella was delicious (as you're no doubt already aware!) & I've received a lot of amazing comments saying as such from our staff as well as complimenting your service"
"The way the Paella tent is set up looks great, right down to the finer details of the fantastic plates you use & the smiling stagg"
- Marianna (Paella Lunch for 190 guests)
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"I've tried a lot of paella in my time, and I must say that this was the best paella I have ever had. The mix of flavours was amazing!  It looked and tasted beautiful"
"Lastly, I must also mention the staff [who] were so friendly and efficient. The setup was effortless and we hardly knew they had been there when they left"
- Carolyn (50th Birthday Party for 90 guests)
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"We had many people say how delicious the paella was"
"The seafood paella with spicy chorizo (and no capsicum) was especially yummy and looked fantastic in the pan"
- Kathy (Birthday Party for 150 guests)
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"Everyone absolutely loved the paella! [The staff] were also very helpful and efficient and overall I couldn't have asked for better service"
- Jess (Birthday party for 110 guests)
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"We have had so much great feedback about the food, it was terrific!"
- Eliza (Wedding for 200 guests)
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"All in all the food played a big part in making our night a success"
- Hew (Private Function for 50 guests)
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"The food was divine and it all just added to the atmosphere of the party, we are so pleased with how it all went"
- Marlene (Birthday Party for 100 guests)

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