Melbourne Paella Company FAQs





Does Melbourne Paella Company cook all the paella on site?

Yes, our paella are freshly cooked on-site in front of you and your guests.  Let us entertain all your senses! 


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How long does it take to cook paella?

Our paella can be cooked in as little as 45 minutes.  Plan on us arriving approximately 2 hours ahead of your anticipated serving time to begin set up.


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Is a deposit required to reserve a date?

Yes, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required toward the final bill to reserve a date.  The balance of the final bill is payable when we arrive to set up.


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How do you serve the paella?

They are served buffet style with a chef or server serving each plate straight out of the Paella pan. After the last plate is served, all paella leftovers are put in a serving dish for guests to help themselves.


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Does Melbourne Paella Company bring all of the cooking equipment?

Yes, Melbourne Paella Company is fully self contained and provide all cooking and serving equipment.  This also includes sturdy and attractive eco-friendly bowls and recycled wood forks. 


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Are there any electricity or power requirements?

 No - there are no electricity or power requirements. We can cook paella anywhere!


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Does your price include plates and utensils?

Yes. We provide disposable bowls and forks made up of 100% recycled and sustainable materials.


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What other services do you provide?

Should you need, we can help with wait staff, bar tenders and event rentals. Please ask us for a quote.


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Are menus and paella ingredients flexible?

Absolutely! Please let us know what you like (or don't like) in your paella. After all, it's your party!


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Can you provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes.  We can source fine wines with reasonable prices. Although we must admit, margaritas + mojitos are our specialty!


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Is Melbourne Paella Company registered with

Yes - we are fully registered.


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What if my favourite item is not on your menu?

Please just ask - we are more than happy to customise our menu to suit most requests.


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Can Melbourne Paella Company cater other types of cuisine?

Most definitely.  Our high experienced chefs can provide any type of cuisine you like! Please tell us what you want and we will customise a special menu based on your request.



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